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Love You Deerly Card by May Guest Designer Jeannean Marshall

Today we have our first post by our May Guest Designer, Jeannean Marshall! Her amazing coloring skills caught our eye on Instagram and we can't wait to to see what she creates as our guest this month! We hope you will enjoy seeing her new creations on our blog each Monday during the month of May! Keep reading to find out more about her today and to check out her first project below!

Exciting news for me! I am May 2020's Guest Designer for Newton's Nook Designs blog and stamp store!! I am so honored and excited for this privilege, and each Monday in May I'll have a post to inspire you on their blog, my personal blog (Paper-Crafting Nean) and have a short picture snippet on my Instagram (jeanneanmarshall).

Card making became my crafting priority when I discovered alcohol markers, and that has since been my most common medium. I'm always up for a new medium or technique though!

I am a dental assistant/lab technician by trade, living in a small, rural Northern Montana town.

I'm looking forward to meeting new card-making friends, and hopefully can inspire you to get crafty during these unique times we are having.

Sending crafty Hugs!!
Here's a non-typical card that makes such a cute scene. It's perfect for that special "mom" in your life. I plan to send one to my good friend from high school, eons ago, and the other to my daughter-in-law.

Love You Deerly Card by May Guest Designer Jeannean Marshall | Deer Friend Stamp Set by Newton's Nook Designs #newtonsnook #handmade

I'm using the sweet images and sentiments from the Deer Friends stamp set; making 2 cards, one in a no-lines version. A couple personal tips for no-line coloring; start coloring with a shade lighter in case changes need to be made, color a shade or two darker than normal for the darkest areas to differentiate the shadowy parts, and there are no lines-relax it's okay to not be perfect!! I used the same Copic marker colors on both versions. The white spots are drawn in with a Signo white pen after coloring, and I just noticed I have not drawn them in on the no-lines version. This stamp set also has a coordinating die set for cutting out images, but I just used my scissors.

However, I am using a metal die set to cut the box elements and it will fit into an A2-sized envelope. This card can be made without a die if you want to do a little bit of measuring, cutting and scoring. I'll explain that process below.

Love You Deerly Card by May Guest Designer Jeannean Marshall | Deer Friend Stamp Set by Newton's Nook Designs #newtonsnook #handmade

Here are some dimensions and instructions if you are cutting the box pieces by hand, making this same size card (3 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches finished size). The thing about making this without a die, the height can be changed and be as tall 4 inches and still fit in a standard A2-sized envelope. Just change all the height measurements listed below to be as tall as the finished card size you want! -so change all the 2 3/4 inch measurements to your desired height!

This may seem a little daunting, but really, give it a try!

Outside shadow box panel: 2 3/4 x 11. Cut one. Lightly score long rectangle at 3 1/4, 5 3/8, 8 11/16, 10 3/4. This last score is only 1/4 inch from the edge of the strip. Burnish this score line and bend it forward so the tab is facing up. Place double-sided tape onto this edge you are seeing. (Don't stick box together yet though!!)

Next, cut out the front opening from the large rectangle panel that is on the opposite end of the strip, making sure to leave at least a 1/4 border thickness for the front edges of this front card panel. It can be a rectangle, or any shape and a metal die can be used. (If you are looking at my pictures as a guide, I have done just the opposite large rectangle than I show as my card front, but either side will work in the end. For these written instructions, cutting the end large rectangle as the front of the box is easier to explain.)

Side panels are decorative and optional and can be cut to go either on the outside or inside of the box and these need to be at most 2 3/4 x 2. If these are going inside the card, they need to be adhered now, prior to placing the land strips. If you want side panels the same size as the sides of the card, like I did, the final card will fold up better if you cut just a tiny bit off the width, so it is just short of the corner bends so it folds up without binding. A back panel where a note can be added to the outside of the card needs to be at most 2 3/4 x 3 1/4 and can be adhered at the end of the card making, along with the side panels if they are going onto the outside of the card. My paper is patterned only on one side so I cut side pieces for the inside to show the same print on them.

Inside strips: As many (land) strips as you want can be placed inside the card. These inside strips measure 3 3/4 inches long with a score line in 1/4 inch from each end to make a tab for the adhesive. Put adhesive tape on the outer edge of each tab on the side facing up. Keep the paper cover over the adhesive for now.

Love You Deerly Card by May Guest Designer Jeannean Marshall | Deer Friend Stamp Set by Newton's Nook Designs #newtonsnook #handmade

These strips can be cut as hills, mountains, waves -anything you want! When making these, it is easiest to see items placed inside the box if the highest part of the (hill) strip is offset with the panel in front of it, and the front strips are not as tall as the back strips.

Remove cover paper from the double sided adhesive only on the right side of these inside strips. Depending upon how may strips you are placing inside your box helps determine where to put them. I used 3 strips; 2 land and 1 mountain. Start with the front strip. Fold the right adhesive tab to the back of the strip and place this tab onto the right-side rectangle; closer to the front. Now flip it to the right, out of the way. Take 2nd land strip and adhere the right side tab of it onto the side panel of the box; more toward the middle of this rectangle. Make sure it sits a little higher than the front strip, but still keeping parallel with the bottom of the card. Then flip it out of the way. Lastly do the same with the 3rd strip. On my box card, this is the mountains and I knew I wanted it fairly close to the back of the card.

Love You Deerly Card by May Guest Designer Jeannean Marshall | Deer Friend Stamp Set by Newton's Nook Designs #newtonsnook #handmade

Now that the land strips are all adhered onto the smaller, right-side rectangle, fold all the strips back in toward the card and remove the protective paper from the left side adhesive. Keep the back rectangle -which is the back of the card, and the right side of the card-where all the pieces are now adhered, flat on the table and fold the left half of the card onto the right. WALL-LA! Happy Dance! Now take the paper backing off the adhesive placed on the tab of the 11-inch strip and close up the box. Open 3-D box and then push it closed to the opposite side. Fold back and forth a few times to get things moving good and burnish any folds as needed.

Now you can place all the embellishment pieces onto the card!

I adhered one deer on the very front of the card, and placed the sun on the very back of the card, and one deer on each land strip, giving it the most dimension.

Thanks for sticking it out with me! There are a lot of videos out there, but this card is really not as terrible as it sounds, and the outcome is fantastic!! Let me know if you try it out!

Love You Deerly Card by May Guest Designer Jeannean Marshall | Deer Friend Stamp Set by Newton's Nook Designs #newtonsnook #handmade

One last thing before I go, here's a short video clip of some fun cards I had made a while back featuring the Touchdown Tails stamp set. Newton's Nook Retirement items are at discounted prices so grab your favorites before it is too late!

A fun note about this set is our two rival football teams are the University of Montana-Grizzlies and the Montana State University-Bobcats!! As you can see this set has a bear and a kitty, as well as a referee bulldog and cheering bunny-Perfect for Montana Football cards!! Even if you're not from Montana, these critters are so cute for any football-type, or birthday, card you want to make for THAT person in your life!


Crafty Hugs!!



  1. This is so cute. I have a dearie I'd like to send one too.

  2. Thanks Brebda! Try making one, they are very rewarding when you are finished!! I love those sweet deer too! Tag me if you post your project!


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