Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hi Newton! Card by Jess Moyer

Cat looking through Window Card by Jess Moyer | Newton's Nook Designs Stamps

Newton wishing for spring...

This card by Jess Moyer is quite fitting. Right now in cold Wisconsin, the REAL Newton is getting very stir crazy and wanted to have the windows open so he can hear the birds and get fresh air but it's just too cold. I imagine the stamped Newton on this card is feeling the same way - he wants to go outside and see that birdie! 

For this card Jess used the kitty from the Naughty Newton stamp set and the birdie outside is from Campfire Tails  and the clouds and "hi" sentiment are from Hanging Around

Make sure to visit Jess at her blog, Jess Crafts - and you can also follow her Jess Crafts youtube channel to see more fun videos!


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