Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dryer Sheet Tutorial with Newton

So this weekend I was doing some laundry and as I changed loads and pulled out the dryer sheet I thought to myself "I haven't made a dryer sheet card in awhile.... hmmm that would be really cute on the Kitty stamp,wouldn't it? I should do a tutorial!"  I know I'm not the only crazy one who thinks about stamping while doing houshold chores, right? So here it is! Our first tutorial. 

Step One: Stamp image.  This will work with any image. Of course, we'd love it if you used one of our images from the Newton's Antics stamp set.  (you can buy it  here) I picked the sleepy kitty image. 

Step Two: color image. It doesn't matter what you use to color it. You could use markers if you'd like. I decided to use my Inktense colored pencils. At this point in my card-making process I had a special guest at my craft table - naughty Newton!  It was hard to color with him sitting on my project.... but he's so cute and since he's the kitty our stamp was based on I couldn't really tell him to go away!!
 Here's what my image looks like all colored in. I used a blender pen to blend the Inktense pencil colors:

Step Three: Smear glue stick over image. This is easy- and it reminds you of art class in grade school, right? Just cover that whole image with glue.... but don't eat any! 

Step Four: smoosh dryer sheet over glued area. Yes, "smoosh" is a technical term!  You could do this to the edges of your paper but I'm going to cut him out so I just covered the kitty. Note: this needs to be a USED dryer sheet. A new one is too stiff.

Step Five: cut out your image. At this point you could use a trimmer and cut a square but I wanted to just have the kitty image be fuzzy so I cut right up to the edges of the stamped image:

Step Six: Step back and admire your kitty! Yep - the fuzzy stamped one and the fuzzy real one! Newton has been there this whole time. He was getting bored with the card making and decided to take a nap.

That's all there is to it! You're done! Now you can take the cute fuzzy image and add it to a card. Here is what I made with mine ... and yes, Newton napped until I was done with the whole card!!

For the card I used the words "happy birthday to" from the stamp set Winged Wishes and added the "mew" from Newtons Antics! What a fun birthday card!

Here's a close-up: Can you see how soft and sweet it is? 

So... let me know what you think!  Do you like the tutorials? Would you like to see more? It was fun to make and so funny that Newton had to come and help!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial!! The image is so cute :)

  2. What a cool idea! Definitely gonna try that!

  3. Jennifer--this is so adorable! I love making Newton fuzzy, I can't wait to try it with my stamps that arrived yesterday! And I love your "supervisor" as well! Great tutorial, I would love to see more!

    Chris L.

  4. I LOVE your card. What a fun technique.
    I personally love tutorials.
    They give me lots of fun ideas or help remind this old brain of forgotten techniques.
    Oh my gosh your crafting buddy is ADORABLE!

  5. Please do more. I must try this technique. This is one adorable card.

  6. Wonderful card...i love the fuzzy image and the great tutorial. I always love tutorials so please keep it coming.

  7. As I'm off and running towards my laundry room..... This is great. I enjoyed your card and your tutorial. I love learning new things. What type of blender pen did you use for the Inktense? I have a Prisma Color one, an alcohol blender pen from Ranger, and a Stampin' Up one. I haven't tried any of them yet with the Inktense.

  8. Cute card and lovely tutorial! I love tutorials so I'd love to see many more! =)

    ♥ Jo's Scrap Shack ♥

  9. I love little Newton so adorable my kitty crafts with me too. The tutorial was great I haven't seen that one before. I'm going to try it and PLEASE do more tutorials. :)

  10. fabulous, love it! Thanks for the info on how to do this!

  11. I'd never seen this technique--LOVED it! So glad I stumbled upon your site...

  12. What a great tutorial! I've never seen this done before. I would love to see more tutorials.

  13. Hi Just found your site. Love Newton and your card. Thanks for sharing.


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