Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cat's are like potato chips... you can't have just one!

Although our company is name after our orange kitty, Newton, we didn't want to leave our our other furry friend, Hobbes. Named after Hobbes from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, this guy is definitely full of trouble!  It's hard to tell in the photo but he's polydactyl - that means he has 6 toes! This is a trait that happens sometimes with cats - and was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway - check out the definition on wiki here.

Newton & Hobbes are definitely best friends. They love to snuggle together - or get in trouble together. Here's a few pix of them together. 

 Check out this photo where they're staring out the window at something in the yard - probably a chipmunk -- You can see Newton's stubby tail! When he was a kitten he was in a brush fire on a farm (before we adopted him) and he lost part of his tail!

OK -  that's all on the furry friends for now - Next post I'll be sharing my creative space... Then just another week until we start our grand opening party on July 1!

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